Money Saving Tips for Travelling with a Car

Money Saving Tips for Travelling with a Car Whether you’re out on the open road with your friends, family, or on your own, road trips are a great way to travel. On airplanes, it’s all about the final stop, but when you’re in a car, you’re savouring every minute of the drive, and just like the famous T.S. Elliot quote states it’s, “The journey, not the destination, matters.” Although with car travel, you no longer have to deal with a long check-in and immigration queues, baggage limits and security checks, there are still a few things to keep in mind […]


How to Make Friends in a Hostel – Guest Post by Tripovo

Guest post by The best thing about staying in a hostel is you have something in common with everybody else there. You share the same obsession for travel. Whether you want to travel alone or be in a group, staying in a hostel is a cool and exciting experience. You usually meet travellers from all parts of the world. Thus, making your travel more enjoyable. Here’s some easy ways to make friends in a hostel: Do your research There are a lot of hostels to choose from the internet, just do a simple Google search and it’ll lead you […]

Cashback for Travel Bookings with ShopBack

Sharing a travel deal! Get CASHBACK when you make your travels with Expedia, Agoda, & other travel merchants. You get bonus $5 cashback too simply for signing up and making your first purchase of >$25. You can signup and shop with the ShopBack app here. Here’s how you can save! Book a $70 hotel from Agoda, get $5 bonus cashback, on top of $10 cashback, total cost $55 (save $15!) Book a $500 flight via Expedia, get $5 bonus cashback, on top of 1% cashback, save $10

withdrawing money overseas, withdrawing money overseas

Withdraw Money Overseas – Best Singapore ATM Card & Tips

Withdraw Money Overseas, Best Singapore ATM card How much does it cost to withdraw money overseas? Sometimes it can be free, which is great so you don’t have to carry wads of cash with you on your trip. Want to know which debit card to take with you on a trip? There is a wide range of options. In this post we will explore the different ATM cards you can use to withdraw money overseas. We will tell you how much they charge for withdrawals or transactions, and the exchange rate that they offer. Not all cards are made equal, here’s the pros and cons of […]

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Malaysia Holiday – Last Minute Public Holiday Ideas

Malaysia Holiday – Last Minute Ideas Go on a Malaysia holiday! Last minute flights over the public holidays are expensive as cheaper airfares are snapped up a year in advance. Didn’t book your air tickets in advance and can’t afford it anymore? Visit our neighbour, Malaysia instead. Unfortunately there isn’t any magical travel hack for getting cheap flights out of Singapore over the public holidays to popular destinations. Or if you just want a short long weekend getaway without taking additional vacation leave. Here’s some destinations you can visit without flying or breaking the bank. You’ll have to drive, take a bus […]


Singapore Public Holidays 2017 – The Ultimate Guide

Singapore Public Holidays 2017 – The Ultimate Guide Singapore Public Holidays 2017 guide will show you where to visit next year! There’s 11 gazetted public holidays in 2017, with 7 of them falling on a Friday, Sunday or Monday. There’s absolutely no reason not to go on a holiday in 2017 now with 7 long weekends (that’s one more than in 2016). What’s more, by taking a few days of leave off work you get to add 4 more long weekends to the existing 7!    We work hard in Singapore, we ought to play hard too! Singapore public holidays […]

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Japan Itinerary & Places to Visit in Japan

Japan Travel Guide The “Land of the Rising Sun” is home to amazing scenery, food and culture. Here’s a Japan travel blog post that tells you all about travelling in Japan. We’ve a travel Japan itinerary for your download in PDF too! Visit Japan for world-class hiking in Hokkaido and the Japanese alps. Go on a food adventure in Japan, from slurplicious ramen noodles to fresh seafood. If you’re culture vulture, Japan has a lot to offer. It’s a country that’s modern yet full of history, it’s where the present meets the past. There’s something for everyone in Japan, whether […]


6 months Anniversary of!

Thank you for reading and your support so far. We’ve reached a milestone this month of March, it’s the 6 months anniversary of this travel blog! We’ve more than 17,500 visits since September. The traffic this month have been fantastic due to the Singaporean Guide to the Northern Lights article going kind of viral. Here’s some traffic stats. September 2015 – February 2016 (SimilarWeb)   Our Singaporean Guide to the Northern Lights blog post was pretty popular and it has been read by 8350 readers this month and shared by hundreds. 1 – 19 March 2016 (Google Analytics) Update: We had 477 organic shares for Singaporean Guide to the […]

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Myanmar Travel Destinations

Myanmar Travel Blog & Guide In this Myanmar travel blog post (or guide!), you’ll find information about the various Myanmar attractions and tourist destinations. Let me first give you a brief background about tourism in Myanmar. The Myanmar travel and tourism industry has been in a standstill until recently. Previously, Myanmar was under military rule since 1988. Slave labour was used to build tourist facilities and it was difficult for local people to talk to tourists. As a tourist, you could get Burmese locals in trouble for speaking to you. Myanmar travel guides were also withdrawn from publication. Up until 2011, Aung San […]

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Myanmar Travel on a Budget, $500

Myanmar Travel (also known as Burma) Myanmar travel is growing in popularity and the country is possibly the last paradise in Indochina. It’s vastly different from other parts of Southeast Asia. Myanmar (also known as Burma) has been largely closed to the outside world for decades during its harsh military rule. You must visit Myanmar as soon as you can, it’s so affordable now with cheap flights available. The daily cost of Myanmar travel is also very affordable at just SGD 70.   Myanmar is beautiful, isolated and has largely not been tainted by tourism. However this won’t be the […]