5 Fun Ways to Kill Time at the Airport on a Flight Change

May 26, 2013

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Whether you’re flying for work or pleasure, the time you spend in the airport can be pretty boring. If you’ve gotta to change over at another airport, the time you spend in an airport drastically rises for your trip, so it can be helpful to come armed with activities and things to keep your entertained while you wait to board your next flight. Here are a few fun ways you can kill time and avoid boredom on your next trip.


#1 – Find Inspiration for Your Next Trip

What better time to think about where you’ll visit next?! While you’re waiting to board your next flight, you could be checking out all the other destinations you could jet off to next time. Globehunters have plenty of deals to choose from, but it’s their Instagram feed that you should check out. With jaw-dropping photos from the most beautiful destinations around the world, it’s sure to give you some serious travel goals.


#2 – Take a Walk

Sure, some airports might not be the most interesting places on earth, but there are plenty of airports that have much more to offer. Changi Airport in Singapore has been awarded the title of world’s best airport for the past six years, offering an experience in itself. It features everything from free cinemas to swimming pools, and even the world’s tallest slide. Who knows what you’ll find on a walk around the airport?!


#3 – Treat Your Tastebuds 

Airport eateries are known for being a bit on the pricey side, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be worth the price tag. If you’ve got a lot of time to kill in an airport, a good meal at a restaurant rather than a fast food establishment can be well appreciated. Not only does it mean that you get a satisfying meal and a full belly, it also gives you some time to sit down and relax without feeling like you’re in an airport.


#4 – Airport Bingo

This one may take a little bit of setup, but it can be totally worth it. You’ll need a pens and paper where you can write down things you expect to see in the airport making bingo cards. You could include anything from sunburnt tourist to toddler throwing a tantrum. The first one to spot everything on their bingo card is the winner!


#5 – Play ‘Most Likely’

This can be fun to play with friends, but it’s best to keep your voices down when playing it! Play by having one person say ‘most likely to… be a spy’ or ‘most likely to… be a celebrity in disguise’, or anything else you can think of. Everyone else can then pick out the people they think is most likely. You could even reverse the game and have someone pick another passenger, then everyone has to come up with the best ‘most likely’ which you then vote on.

Waiting for your next flight at the airport doesn’t have to feel like a waste of time. There are plenty of ways to stay entertained and to make your airport experience a positive one.

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