5 Great Places to Travel for food lovers

August 7, 2017

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5 Great Places to Travel for food lovers


Traveling can be a blast but if you are a food lover, there are certainly better places to visit than others. Some cities are known for their food and people flock from all over the world to experience the delicacies of the restaurants, cafes, and food trucks. If you are a Travel Freak and love food, this article will help you plan your next trip!



  • Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are looking for a fun city to play and enjoy yourself, you will want to visit Vegas. You can get some of the best deals on buffets that are world renowned and offer an eclectic array of foods. No matter the type of food that you are interested in, you are likely to find it in Las Vegas.




  • Paris, France. Crepes, cafe lattes, macaroons, bread, and other pastries make Paris a wonderful place to visit if you are a food lover. Be sure to stop by one of the lovely cafes in Montmartre or enjoy a crepe in the square outside of Notre Dame. If you enjoy people watching, grab a seat outside in a cafe and enjoy a rich cup of cafe. Paris is a gorgeous city and it is quite easy to find delicious delicacies to enjoy no matter what neighborhood you are visiting.  




  • Venice, Italy. If you love pasta and authentic Italian food, you will want to visit Venice. While there, be sure to stop by Trattoria Dalla Marisa, a lovely restaurant that has been serving hungry patrons since the 1960s. Immerse yourself into the life of the locals by having lunch there were students from nearby schools will stop by and chat. Be sure to brace yourself as the lunch crowd can be rather loud. If you prefer more of quieter atmosphere while you enjoy your pasta, get there early and grab a table on the patio. While enjoying your meal you can watch boats pass by on the Canale di Cannaregio.




  • London, England. Known for being avid tea drinkers, the British can offer a wonderful afternoon high tea. Complete with scones, clotted cream, jam, biscuits, and of course, tea, a proper British high tea is an absolute delight and can substitute for a late lunch. If you are more interested in other well known foods from England, be sure to check out the delicacies of cornish pasties from Cornwall or fish and chips from a coastal town such as Brighton.




  • San Francisco, California. Fresh ice cream from Smitten Ice Cream is worth traveling to San Francisco for as many travelers attest. If you are more interested in a substantial meal, try out Fried Chicken Ramen or Chicken with Chili Peppers. If you love oysters, be sure to check out Hog Island Oyster Company. They are known for great tasting oysters but it is in the heart of a touristy area, the farmer’s market.



No matter where you are traveling to in the world, you are likely to find some good eats. While we listed some great ideas for your next foodie trip, only you can decide what will be best for your palette.


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