5 reasons I love going on bird tours when traveling

January 20, 2014

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Bird tours are a hobby for many as well. It is also a fun activity and can involve both bird watching and birding, where you go looking for the birds. While traveling, aside from your listed areas of destination, bird tours can also be part of the tour where you can enjoy spending some time with nature and learn a few things.

Bird tours are a great way to spend part of your vacation and they only require three things which are a beautiful, calm weather, some free time and your eyes. Many people don’t really see the need to go birding and don’t include bird tours in their travel plans, but it is more than just watching birds. Let’s’ look at some reasons why I love going on bird tours.

Require fewer tools

You do not have to have a lot of equipment to go for a bird tour. The most important item that you will need is a simple pair of binoculars that will enable you to watch the birds, a field guide, and a notebook. The binoculars you use do not have to be expensive as long as they have the right magnification and can easily be purchased at a store. A closer look at the birds will give you more details of birds.

Health benefits

Although bird watching can be frustrating and requires a lot of patience, it has lots of psychological, physical, and emotional benefits. Low levels and risks of mental illness were reported in an article published in January of 2017 in Bioscience in people that were surrounded with nature while studies by the University of Exeter in the UK have shown that people living near shrubs and trees with birds are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress.

Learn something new
It is always great to have the opportunity of learning something new. Whether it is about making an item or the history of a place, bird tours are no exception. Most birders will agree that the thrill of nature always gives them the curiosity to learn something new. The curiosity of what new thing might unfold during the tour makes the tour worthwhile. Something exciting always happens and you leave excited having seen and learned something new like seen a rare bird that was flawless in beauty due to its colors such as the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, which has wonderful pom pom-shaped crests atop their beaks used during the mating season to attract and impress females.

A fun activity

Bird tours are fun and aside from observing birds, you can exercise and relax during your hiking escapade and see wild animals, wildflowers, varieties of bird species, hearing them chirp and beautiful landscapes. Listening to birds singing also has a relaxing effect, making you appreciate nature more.

Sun exposure and fresh air

Bird watching takes you out into the fresh cool air and exposes you to sunlight, which is quite beneficial to acquiring vitamin D. A few minutes that you go bird watching is a great way to spend time while absorbing some vitamin D and clean air.

There is a lot to learn and benefit from bird tours. They offer a chance to be stress-free which is beneficial health wise and a great way to spend your traveling time. Costa Rica is one of the top places that you can go on bird tours and at https://tiaratravelcostarica.com/costa-rica-bird-tour/ you will get a wide range of travel options to choose from.

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