5 Ways to earn Uber codes fast

September 13, 2014

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Ridesharing has become one of the most popular ways to travel from one place to another. It’s very convenient, as you can have the luxury of riding a private car without having to spend too much money doing so.


Many people, from commuters who do not own cars to fellow car owners wanting to give driving a break, benefit from these services. One great thing about Uber is that if it is your first time to download the app and try the service, they even offer free rides for you.


Everybody likes getting a free ride, after all, you get to save money and use what you’ve saved for something else, but unfortunately, that free ride can only be used by first timers.


The good thing is that you can use Uber codes to get a discount on your other rides. Your ride may not be free, but the discount can really help. Check out some of the ways you can get more uber codes for your next ride.


  1. Try creating a new account – there are individuals who have more than one phone, as they try to separate their personal contacts from their business contacts. If you’re one of them, you can actually avail of the free ride more than once if you use both phones to get the ride sharing service. One tip when using the free ride, use it when you are going a long trip so that it will be worth it. It might be a waste to use it on just a trip that would take you to a destination that is just less than half an hour away.


  1. Refer friends through the app – if you’ve already used up your free ride, one of the best ways to get more Uber codes is to refer your family and friends to use the app and the service. If you’re not sure who among your contacts already has an app and has been using the service, it would not hurt to just send it to everyone. The more people download the app and use the service, the more Uber code you will be able to get.


  1. Refer friends through email – if your phone is not available at the moment, you can also use your email to continue referring your contacts to use the service. This is good as you may have more contacts on your email list compared to your personal phone.


  1. Keep using Uber – sometimes, those who use the Uber frequently get a discount as they keep using the ride-sharing service. Think of it as a reward for using the app consistently. Just keep checking the app if there is any update and you might be offered a discount on your next ride. Sometimes there are also codes depending on the time you will avail of the service. Do your research to see which one can be applied to your situation.

5. Look online for some promos – there are some websites that have combined together as many uber codes as they can so as to help the general public. While some of them may not be working anymore, you can still go through the list to check if any of them can work for you.

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