6 months Anniversary of diyTravel.org!

Thank you for reading diyTravel.org and your support so far. We’ve reached a milestone this month of March, it’s the 6 months anniversary of this travel blog! We’ve more than 17,500 visits since September. The traffic this month have been fantastic due to the Singaporean Guide to the Northern Lights article going kind of viral. Here’s some diyTravel.org traffic stats. September 2015 – February 2016 (SimilarWeb)   Our Singaporean Guide to the Northern Lights blog post was pretty popular and it has been read by 8350 readers this month and shared by hundreds. 1 – 19 March 2016 (Google Analytics) Update: We had 477 organic shares for Singaporean Guide to the […]

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Myanmar Travel Destinations

Myanmar Travel Blog & Guide In this Myanmar travel blog post (or guide!), you’ll find information about the various Myanmar attractions and tourist destinations. Let me first give you a brief background about tourism in Myanmar. The Myanmar travel and tourism industry has been in a standstill until recently. Previously, Myanmar was under military rule since 1988. Slave labour was used to build tourist facilities and it was difficult for local people to talk to tourists. As a tourist, you could get Burmese locals in trouble for speaking to you. Myanmar travel guides were also withdrawn from publication. Up until 2011, Aung San […]

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Myanmar Travel on a Budget, $500

Myanmar Travel (also known as Burma) Myanmar travel is growing in popularity and the country is possibly the last paradise in Indochina. It’s vastly different from other parts of Southeast Asia. Myanmar (also known as Burma) has been largely closed to the outside world for decades during its harsh military rule. You must visit Myanmar as soon as you can, it’s so affordable now with cheap flights available. The daily cost of Myanmar travel is also very affordable at just SGD 70.   Myanmar is beautiful, isolated and has largely not been tainted by tourism. However this won’t be the […]

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Hunter Valley Australia – Port Stephens & Nelson Bay

Port Stephen & Nelson Bay Guest Post by Rhys! Rhys is the man in my life and happens to know Australia very well, especially the Hunter Valley region. He showed me around Port Stephen and Nelson Bay, it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. He gives practical tips on visiting Nelson Bay in this post. The Hunter Valley & Nelson Bay Nelson Bay is located in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. The bay is on the southern shores of Port Stephens and offers beautiful beaches ideal for a wide range of water activities and family fun both in and out of the water. Visit from Sydney […]

african safari tips

African Safari – Tips & Things You Must Know Before Going

An African safari trip isn’t your standard travel experience. Sojourning across the plains of Africa could be a once-in-a-lifetime journey. There’s nothing more exhilarating than glimpsing wildlife in their untamed world. Sir David Attenborough says that Africa is “the only place on earth to see the full majesty of nature” and “there’s nowhere in the world where wildlife puts on a greater show.” I can’t help but agree. Great plains of Africa Here’s five tips on how to make the most out of your African safari experience. 1. Decide on your African safari destination and get your timing right There […]

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Cheapest Flights out of Singapore

Cheapest Flights Singapore with Budget Airlines Here’s 5 of the cheapest flights you can get out of Singapore, from $56 to $163 (two-way). Singapore is a major travel hub and the abundance of budget airlines in the region means that you’ve got the option to travel Southeast Asia easily and cheaply. I used Skyscanner, which is a great tool to obtain the best prices for flights. You can do these trips over the weekend or long weekends without breaking the bank or sacrificing precious vacation leave. Disclaimer: flight prices fluctuate and this is accurate as of February 2016. There’s really so many cheap flights […]

5 Tips for making moving easy

Are you planning to move to a new place? Most people find relocating to be a costly and demanding task. But if done right, you won’t have to stress about moving to a new location. One major drawback to moving is changing your mailing address. When you decide to move, your mail will continue to be sent to you older address unless you notify the postal service and bill collectors of your new address. In some scenarios, you’ll require to shift back to your original location after a short period. There’s an effective way to deal with this issue – […]

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Hoi An: Vietnamese Food

Hoi An is situated on the central coast of Vietnam. It’s a romantic little town lined with wooden Chinese-style shophouses and canals. Visit Hoi An during the full moon lantern festival on the 14th day of the lunar month to be treated to a spectacular display. During this time, the ancient town of Hoi An switches off electric lights and light up lanterns instead. It’s so magical strolling down streets lit with traditional lanterns, as it would’ve been centuries ago. You can also partake by sending paper lanterns with a candle down the river. But an especially important reason to visit Hoi […]

morocco on a budget

Morocco Travel: 14 days for just $700, that’s so cheap!

Morocco delights even on a small budget. The cost of food, hotels and transport in Morocco are low by Singaporean standards. Tourists can travel with just SGD 50 (that’s 340 Moroccan dirhams) a day in this wonderful country. With SGD 700 you can spend 2 weeks in Morocco. If you plan to spend one week there, it’ll cost just SGD 350!   Cheap Flights to Morocco Disclaimer: this doesn’t include flights. Tourism in Morocco is well-established and there’s a lot of flights and ferries to choose from. When I visited Morocco, I flew from the UK as I was studying there […]

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Shipsomnia Cruise Party 2016 – Phuket, Langkawi

I started 2016 by going on a party cruise with Shipsomnia. There’s a misconception that cruises are cheesy or for old people and families. That’s true to an extent, but the cruise I went on with Shipsomnia was definitely not cheesy nor filled with families or old people (not that I have anything against them). It was a total party cruise!   Music & Party Cruise Shipsomnia is a music festival on a cruise party ship and it’s filled with good looking people. There was definitely more men than women on this cruise party so that was great for Maggie (my cruise […]