Singapore Public Holidays 2017 – The Ultimate Guide

Singapore Public Holidays 2017 – The Ultimate Guide Singapore Public Holidays 2017 guide will show you where to visit next year! There’s 11 gazetted public holidays in 2017, with 7 of them falling on a Friday, Sunday or Monday. There’s absolutely no reason not to go on a holiday in 2017 now with 7 long weekends (that’s one more than in 2016). What’s more, by taking a few days of leave off work you get to add 4 more long weekends to the existing 7!    We work hard in Singapore, we ought to play hard too! Singapore public holidays […]

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Myanmar Travel Destinations

Myanmar Travel Blog & Guide In this Myanmar travel blog post (or guide!), you’ll find information about the various Myanmar attractions and tourist destinations. Let me first give you a brief background about tourism in Myanmar. The Myanmar travel and tourism industry has been in a standstill until recently. Previously, Myanmar was under military rule since 1988. Slave labour was used to build tourist facilities and it was difficult for local people to talk to tourists. As a tourist, you could get Burmese locals in trouble for speaking to you. Myanmar travel guides were also withdrawn from publication. Up until 2011, Aung San […]

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Myanmar Travel on a Budget, $500

Myanmar Travel (also known as Burma) Myanmar travel is growing in popularity and the country is possibly the last paradise in Indochina. It’s vastly different from other parts of Southeast Asia. Myanmar (also known as Burma) has been largely closed to the outside world for decades during its harsh military rule. You must visit Myanmar as soon as you can, it’s so affordable now with cheap flights available. The daily cost of Myanmar travel is also very affordable at just SGD 70.   Myanmar is beautiful, isolated and has largely not been tainted by tourism. However this won’t be the […]

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Myanmar Tour Itinerary: Holiday travel guide

Find yourself spiritually within the lost treasure of Southeast Asia ~$1500, 11 days  BUDGET: The amount stated here is an appoximate estimate. It depends on the accomodation and the mode of transport you choose on your Myanmar tour. The budget is flexible and can be customised to meet your needs. SCHEDULE: You can choose how fast or slowly you would like to move through the country. Various transportation modes are available for you to choose from, which will have an impact on your Myanmar holiday. This is a great itinerary to see Burma, use it as your holiday travel guide. Days 1-2 […]