5 Tips to packing for the hiking trip of a lifetime

Whether you are going on the trip of a lifetime with a group of friends, by yourself, or with trusty tour guides such as those with Kandoo Adventures, you are in for a treat! Hiking can be an exhilarating experience no matter where you are but going to far off places such as Kilimanjaro is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that not many get to experience. Because you are likely beyond excited, this article shares some tips on how to pack for your trip. You will find that what you pack may be very different from what you may typically pack to […]

travel backpack

Travel Backpack – How to Choose the Perfect one

 When I’m on the road, my travel backpack is my best friend. I make my way down cobblestone streets and navigate through airports, train stations and crowded buses with my trusty backpack. It is crucial to pick the right backpack—one that fits your body well and holds the ideal capacity. One important point to take note of when you purchase a backpack is to ensure it is of optimal weight and capacity. A good rule of thumb is to carry not more than 20 percent of your body weight. I’m 60kg so I should carry not more than 12kg (that’s 20 […]