5 Reasons Why India is One of The Most Fascinating Destination to Visit

December 31, 2016

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A traveller feels many things while travelling to India, but the most potent feeling is that of fascination. India is home to such delightful locations, experiences and activities that one simply can’t help but be utterly mesmerised. Passionate travellers look to find something new and enriching on every one of their visits, so they’re always searching for the kind of destinations that provide it. If your next trip is to India, here are a few reasons why you’ll be visiting again and again.

The Vibrancy in Diversity

India is a diverse country; it’s a well-known fact. Be it the religions, the food, the culture, the traditions or history and heritage, there is something diverse and unexpected at every turn. You’d find a new corner to explore in every place you visit, and that’s just in popular tourist destinations. Sometimes people even find the most surprising things in the world while travelling India. There are far too many colours in India to avoid, and you’d probably find something absolutely wondrous to take back home.

Cool Tip: clothes and jewellery are the most vibrant part of India, so be sure to get some of those to flaunt back at home.

Underexplored Regions

The treks of Rishikesh or Manali, the hidden grottos and deep corners of the rivers in Kerala, the tea stall on a hilltop at the border of India and China, the refreshing feeling of Mumbai’s sea-wind; there is too much to explore in India. Travellers have discovered the most unseen parts of the country during their tours and made India all the more enticing a destination to visit. Even in the most untouched of places can you find something attractive and indulgent.

Cool Tip: It’s rewarding to check out the tea stalls of almost every town or city since they always have something distinct to offer.

The Natural and Concrete Miracles

India is filled with wonders made by man and those birthed by nature. Gushing waterfalls of Karnataka, breezy beaches of Tamil Nadu, calming hill stations of Uttar Pradesh, wintry cocoons of Jammu and Kashmir, beautiful mountain tops of Maharashtra, there are too many to name and not enough words to describe them. There is equal man-made beauty in India as well. Skyscrapers are no longer strangers, monuments of the bygone era still stand as proud examples of grandeur, palaces and castles of kings and queens represent the regal brilliance and organised cities and towns have prestigious looks about them.

Cool Tip: Rajasthan’s royal palaces are a must-visit on a first trip to India.

The People

Every state in India comes with different types of people. Be it the local tribespeople of Gujarat and Rajasthan, the loud neighbours of Kolkata, the hawkers of Mumbai who let you leisurely bargain, the Carnatic singers of the south or the food-loving Punjabis of the north. You’d find interesting people almost everywhere in India. Indian people are extremely welcoming and treat guests as respected individuals, which gives a homey feeling to any visitor in the country.

Cool Tip: If you ever visit a local Indian home, indulge in the food that the family will definitely offer.

The Food

Let’s talk about the most alluring factor of India. As much diversity, there is in the people and culture, there is a lot more in food. You can eat and eat but nothing will ever fill the void of having missed out on any of the delicacies in India. You’ll find yourself feasting on the Dosas of Chennai, the vada-pav of Mumbai, the parathas of Delhi, the fish in West Bengal, and the dal-baati in Rajasthan. There’s not enough space in life to fill the amount of delicious food you can encounter in India.

Cool Tip: Try the Dhabas present on most highways as they have some of the best food you’ll ever come across.

There are far more reasons for India being on the list of a traveller’s places to visit once in a lifetime, but the aforementioned take up the top few. Once you’ve taken a trip to India, you’d find a lot more causes for more visits to the country.

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