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September 11, 2016

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The best thing about staying in a hostel is you have something in common with everybody else there. You share the same obsession for travel.


Whether you want to travel alone or be in a group, staying in a hostel is a cool and exciting experience. You usually meet travellers from all parts of the world. Thus, making your travel more enjoyable. Here’s some easy ways to make friends in a hostel:

Do your research

There are a lot of hostels to choose from the internet, just do a simple Google search and it’ll lead you the right one. Choose the hostel with good reviews. Learn from the travellers who had experienced the hostel itself. They can give you tips and tricks to make your travel valuable and save more money. Plus, by looking through the reviews, it’ll give you an idea if you can easily make friends in the hostel you plan to book.

Stay in dorms

Most interesting friendships are created in dorms. Since dorms can usually accommodate 6-8 people, it has more of a friendly vibe than rooms or large spaces. And basically living on top of each other, you can talk to your dorm mates often. You can share some life tips and secrets which can be a best way to start an endless conversation.

Be sociable

Most people staying in a hostel are very outgoing so make sure you are always on the go. If someone invites you for a night out, definitely say yes! Yes to new friendships and memories. Be sociable. Get ready for a night full of conversations and cups of wine. Night spent with new friends are never boring. Conversations are continuous. You can share almost about everything.


Smile and start a conversation

Don’t be shy! All you need to do is give your sweetest smile and strike up a conversation. Travelling is not meant to be lurking in a dark corner with your laptop on or blocking out the world with your headphones. You don’t actually need to wait for strangers to say hello first. You can make the first move and see where your conversation goes. It’s a great start for a wonderful friendship!

Be open-minded

Making friends ain’t easy if you have biases towards people. The world is a big place, travellers have diverse cultures and tradition. Staying in a hostel means dealing with travellers with different views about life. Learn to respect each person’s perspectives and opinions. Respect and open-mindedness are very important not just in a hostel, but everywhere you travel.


Travelling is about making new memories and you can achieve it with the help of your fellow travellers and the locals. So don’t be a bigoted person who closes doors to new opportunities. When you travel, you get the chance be more knowledgeable than everyone else.

Attend a gathering or organize one

Travelling wouldn’t be complete if you don’t go to events. Hang about in the common areas and you will meet your fellow travellers. Going to events gives you a higher chance of making new friends in the hostel. Or if you have the leadership traits, you can organize and host an event. That would be cooler than you thought! You can have interesting games to know other people better.

“Hostel life gives you the most fascinating memories and friendships. So on your next travel, book a hostel, make new friends and have fun.”

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