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Myanmar Tour Itinerary: Holiday travel guide

August 10, 2015

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Find yourself spiritually within the lost treasure of Southeast Asia

~$1500, 11 days 
The amount stated here is an appoximate estimate. It depends on the accomodation and the mode of transport you choose on your Myanmar tour. The budget is flexible and can be customised to meet your needs.

You can choose how fast or slowly you would like to move through the country. Various transportation modes are available for you to choose from, which will have an impact on your Myanmar holiday. This is a great itinerary to see Burma, use it as your holiday travel guide.

Days 1-2 Yangon
Begin your Myanmar tour in the city of Yangoon. Formerly named Rangoon, Yangon is the biggest city in Myanmar. Take a walk around the city, see Sule Paya and the Victorian Strand Hotel. Visit Bogyoke Market and witness the bargaining madness, or sample some of the great Burmese food on offer. Not to be missed in Yangon is the holiest of all shrines at Shwedagon Paya. It is said to contain 8 hairs of the Buddha and glitters with gold with 5500 diamonds and hundreds of other precious gems. Visit the Shwedagon Paya during sunset, where the lights go on and lits the impressive stupa like a shining beacon, with 4 beams of light.

Days 3-5 Bagan
There are 4,500 brick and gilded ancient temples spread out in the site of Bagan, dotting the skyline in many shapes and forms, it compares to the splendour of Angkor kingdom. Theravada Buddhism was introduced by the former kings of Pagan (Bagan) in the mid 11th century, and temples were built to worship their gods, whether Buddhist, Hindu or Nat. There is the option to explore the temples by bike, or by a pony-drawn cart. Hawkers are often at the popular temples selling lacquer ware and handicrafts, so you may do a spot of shopping here. Not to be missed here is the magical Bagan sunset which will leave you breathless.

Days 6-7 Mandalay
Once known as ‘the golden city’ Mandalay, it was the last capital of the former Kingdom of Myanmar which was abolished in 1885 by the British after the Anglo-Burmese war. The remnants of the ‘golden city’ still remain sitting in a grid of streets similar to that of Manhattan. Visit the impressive Mandalay Hill where Lord Buddha is said to have left his footprint on this mountain, signalling wealth and prosperity for the land. Discover the city’s glittering stupas and sensational lookout points for sunset views over the city.

Days 8-10 Inle Lake
Journey to Nyuangshwe, a town at the northern end of Inle Lake, and the gateway to Inle lake. Wander around the town, visit the markets and temples – not to be missed is the lovely teak monastery Shwe Yan Pyay. Many ethnic minority communities live in stilt houses over the calm waters of Inle Lake. Hire a boat and spend the day enjoying the calm lakes, watch the distinctive leg rowing of local fishermen casting their nets. Visit the various cottage industries within the lake, such as silversmiths, weavers and cigar makers – don’t forget to do some shopping as well.

Days 11 Yangon / End
End your Myanmar tour here.

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