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African Safari – Tips & Things You Must Know Before Going

An African safari trip isn’t your standard travel experience. Sojourning across the plains of Africa could be a once-in-a-lifetime journey. There’s nothing more exhilarating than glimpsing wildlife in their untamed world. Sir David Attenborough says that Africa is “the only place on earth to see the full majesty of nature” and “there’s nowhere in the world where wildlife puts on a greater show.” I can’t help but agree. Great plains of Africa Here’s five tips on how to make the most out of your African safari experience. 1. Decide on your African safari destination and get your timing right There […]

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Cheapest Flights out of Singapore

Cheapest Flights Singapore with Budget Airlines Here’s 5 of the cheapest flights you can get out of Singapore, from $56 to $163 (two-way). Singapore is a major travel hub and the abundance of budget airlines in the region means that you’ve got the option to travel Southeast Asia easily and cheaply. I used Skyscanner, which is a great tool to obtain the best prices for flights. You can do these trips over the weekend or long weekends without breaking the bank or sacrificing precious vacation leave. Disclaimer: flight prices fluctuate and this is accurate as of February 2016. There’s really so many cheap flights […]

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Hoi An: Vietnamese Food

Hoi An is situated on the central coast of Vietnam. It’s a romantic little town lined with wooden Chinese-style shophouses and canals. Visit Hoi An during the full moon lantern festival on the 14th day of the lunar month to be treated to a spectacular display. During this time, the ancient town of Hoi An switches off electric lights and light up lanterns instead. It’s so magical strolling down streets lit with traditional lanterns, as it would’ve been centuries ago. You can also partake by sending paper lanterns with a candle down the river. But an especially important reason to visit Hoi […]

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Morocco Travel: 14 days for just $700, that’s so cheap!

Morocco delights even on a small budget. The cost of food, hotels and transport in Morocco are low by Singaporean standards. Tourists can travel with just SGD 50 (that’s 340 Moroccan dirhams) a day in this wonderful country. With SGD 700 you can spend 2 weeks in Morocco. If you plan to spend one week there, it’ll cost just SGD 350!   Cheap Flights to Morocco Disclaimer: this doesn’t include flights. Tourism in Morocco is well-established and there’s a lot of flights and ferries to choose from. When I visited Morocco, I flew from the UK as I was studying there […]

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Shipsomnia Cruise Party 2016 – Phuket, Langkawi

I started 2016 by going on a party cruise with Shipsomnia. There’s a misconception that cruises are cheesy or for old people and families. That’s true to an extent, but the cruise I went on with Shipsomnia was definitely not cheesy nor filled with families or old people (not that I have anything against them). It was a total party cruise!   Music & Party Cruise Shipsomnia is a music festival on a cruise party ship and it’s filled with good looking people. There was definitely more men than women on this cruise party so that was great for Maggie (my cruise […]

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Malacca Food Blog – Best Food in Malacca & Food Porn

Malacca Food Blog, the Best Food in Malacca! Join me on a food tour as I eat my way around this historic city. I’ll introduce you to amazing Jonker street food and much more.   1. Chicken Rice Ball @ Chung Wah I was tricked, Famosa Chicken Rice Ball looked inviting, but it was a tourist trap. Get the real chicken rice ball at Chung Wah instead.     Kedai Kopi Chung Wah 18 Jalan Hang Jebat 75200 Melaka Opens Weekdays 8.30am – 3pm, Weekends 8.30am – 4pm   2. Tandoori Chicken @ Puk Putra This Indian-Pakistani serves amazing tandorri […]

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Malacca Food & Attractions – Best Melaka Food & More

The Best Malacca Food & Attractions! I’ll be off to Malacca soon and will be going on a food trail. Here’s a comprehensive guide / map to to the best Melaka food and attractions. Hopefully this will help you plan your trip better. I’ll be updating this entry (with pictures and reviews) when I’m back. I created this comprehensive Malacca food & attractions map, use it to find Malacca attractions as well as the best Malacca food in town. Click  to view the list of places. Then, click on any of the eateries or attractions on the list for more details like […]

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Travel Backpack – How to Choose the Perfect one

 When I’m on the road, my travel backpack is my best friend. I make my way down cobblestone streets and navigate through airports, train stations and crowded buses with my trusty backpack. It is crucial to pick the right backpack—one that fits your body well and holds the ideal capacity. One important point to take note of when you purchase a backpack is to ensure it is of optimal weight and capacity. A good rule of thumb is to carry not more than 20 percent of your body weight. I’m 60kg so I should carry not more than 12kg (that’s 20 […]

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African Safari & Top 3 Destinations in Botswana

Botswana, Africa – Lonely Planet’s no. 1 travel destination in 2016 Botswana is the number one destination on Lonely Planet Best in Travel List 2016, the roundup of the best travel destinations to visit the coming year. Singapore was first on the same list last year. Namibia, Botswana’s next door neighbour was second on the 2015 list. Both African countries are little known to Singaporeans. Do you know that Singaporeans can visit Botswana visa-free? In this post I will share more about travelling in Botswana. Where is Botswana? Is it safe to visit? Botswana is situated in the southern part of Africa and […]

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Singaporean Guide to the Northern Lights

 Aurora Borealis – Where to see & best time to see The northern lights is the most spectacular light display on earth. Watch the magical and colourful Aurora Borealis dance about in the night sky on your next holiday now. This is your last chance before they dim for a decade. Here you will find out the best place to see it. As well as the best time to view them, taking into account public holidays in Singapore. Best place to see Northern Lights  Flying to Europe for Singaporeans is definitely a shorter distance than to North America. Also, it is costs less, thus I have left […]