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Shipsomnia Cruise Party 2016 – Phuket, Langkawi

January 10, 2016

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I started 2016 by going on a party cruise with Shipsomnia. There’s a misconception that cruises are cheesy or for old people and families. That’s true to an extent, but the cruise I went on with Shipsomnia was definitely not cheesy nor filled with families or old people (not that I have anything against them). It was a total party cruise!

Party cruise Shipsomnia


Music & Party Cruise

Shipsomnia is a music festival on a cruise party ship and it’s filled with good looking people. There was definitely more men than women on this cruise party so that was great for Maggie (my cruise cabin mate) and I 😉 Not so great if you’re a guy though! Concerts run throughout the day and night, with DJs playing in different parts of the ship. Here’s some of the DJs that played on the cruise. We got to do yoga with Yolanda Be Cool.


The portal stage setup on the upper pool deck took a lot of effort and looked fantastic. At the Shipsomnia finale theme party they had massive turtles and fishes props, stilt walkers dressed as sea creatures. That created a very carnival-like atmosphere!


Party cruise Shipsomnia

Party cruise Shipsomnia


Costa Victoria

We were on board Costa Victoria and were happy about the facilities on the ship – made full use of the jacuzzis, sauna, and pools. They also organised yoga classes at the top deck of the ship, it was so nice doing yoga while the sun sets in the middle of the ocean.




Ocean View Cabin Room

I loved the ocean view cabin that we were in, it was so nice waking up to the view of the sea! I slept so well, bed duvets were comfy and the air-conditioning was cold enough. The service from our chambermaid was great, our rooms were tidied twice a day. I could live in that cabin forever, so cozy and nice!



On-Board Food & Resturants

There were 3 restaurants to choose from and we dined at Fantasia restaurant most of the time. They present the food really well and the formal setting was classy and fun. I’d say go for the western food on the menu, the Asian and buffet food were lacklustre. Enjoy the simple Italian pastas, pizzas and ice-cream instead – Costa Victoria is an Italian cruise ship after all. Meals are mass-produced for a thousand patrons on a big ship, meat is frozen and cream on cakes aren’t that fresh. Don’t expect amazing food, come to Shipsomnia for the party, not food!

P1100257P1100167 P1100174 P1100225 P1100250 P1100237 P1100235 P1100233 P1100339 P1100338 P1100347 P1100395 P1100264



Phuket (Banana Beach) & Langkawi


The first port call was Banana Beach (Koh Hey) in Phuket. I have been to a number of Thai beaches, like Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Rai Leh and the likes. However Banana Beach was the best Thai beach I’ve been to. There was a beach party too with DJs playing until sunset.


The waters were crystal clear and there were so many fishes just off the beach! Even at waist level seawater, colourful fishes swimming around the corals bump into you. It was such a shame that I left my swimming goggles on the ship.




The second port was Langkawi, however that was a we were there for just an hour or less. It would’ve been better if we had half a day there!



Shipsomnia – Cruise Party Vacation

This is the second cruise I’ve ever been on, the first one was a cheesy family affair when I was 10 or so. Shipsomnia isn’t about travelling and seeing the world. It’s a vacation – getting away, letting your hair down and partying. It’s a great opportunity to disconnect from the world and unwind. On a cruise you don’t have to worry about rushing somewhere to visit an attraction or so. You’re pretty much taken care of the entire trip. Food (full board and all you can eat!), accommodation and you get to enjoy amenities like swimming pools and fitness centres.


Big thanks to Shipsomnia for sponsoring this trip, all opinions are my own.
If you’d like to join the second chapter of the Shipsomnia cruise, get on their list now.

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