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July 14, 2014

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The floristry scene has significantly evolved in the last couple of years, turning flower shopping into something unique and special, and not something you do while you’re running to catch the bus. Specifically, there’s one florist that introduced innovation and raised the standards for all others in the floristry scene in Singapore – A Better Florist.

Becoming the best florist in Singapore is easy when your philosophy revolves around pleasing your clientele, and enabling them to experience true luxury when it comes to flowers. From the design to the packaging and delivery, they haven’t left out a single detail that doesn’t reflect their philosophy. They clearly demonstrate that gorgeous blooms shouldn’t be a luxury, but easily accessible and affordable for everyone, even if there’s no special occasion at all.

This positive outtake on the floristry scene has led to their expansion beyond Singapore, which is why they now officially have a Dubai Florist and deliver the citizens of Hong Kong flowers, and are one of the best florists in Hong Kong.

Not only can you find fresh blooms that last and look like a million dollars, but they can find their way to your doorstep on the same day. Or if you’re surprising someone, these gorgeous blooms can reach your desired destination within only 90-minutes! Happiness can’t wait, so they’ve devised a delivery system with clients and their intentions in mind. Flowers in Singapore have never looked so beautiful and flower shopping has never felt so right.

After their grand opening flower stands in Singapore, I can’t get enough of this incredibly talented team of florists that seems to impress me with their works of art every time. You can’t imagine a work of art being so affordable, but here they are, crafting beautiful arrangements and bouquets every day, and enabling you to grab them at a very low price.

It’s about time you joined this flower revolution and experience what A Better Florist has to offer. With a unique concept and a touching story behind the brand, it’s hard not to like them.

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