Why bird watching in Costa Rica is a thing of beauty

July 16, 2017

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If you’re interested in bird watching then you should make a trip to the country of Costa Rica. Although this country is known for its diverse terrain of beaches and mountains. There’s even Arenal, which is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and surely a sight to behold.

But aside from those mentioned above, Costa Rica is also popular for those whose hobby is to study birds. In fact, many consider it as a bird watcher’s paradise, as it is home to so many varieties of birds. It is very rare to find so many species in one area.

As of present time, reports say that over 850 species have been identified. That may not sound like a lot to those who are not fans of bird watching, but you might be surprised to that this number exceeds the number of bird species found in Canada and the United States combined.

It might have to do with the diversity of the country’s areas. As mentioned above, Costa Rica has beaches, volcanoes, mountains and hills, and all these house different species. If you’re interested in taking up bird watching, check out the list below so that you will be convinced to add bird tours in Costa Rica to your bucket list.

1. The birds in Costa Rica have such colorful and unusual feathers – if you want to see birds with unusual and unique feathers, Costa Rica is the place to go. Birds such as the motmot, different species of hummingbirds or the ever famous quetzal can be found in the area. Just do your research if you have a particular bird in mind that you want to see so that you can go to the area where it will most likely be found. Don’t forget to bring proper gear with you, such as the binoculars so that you can truly appreciate the beauty of the creatures you are looking at.

2. They are not difficult to see – because there are so many species and they are in abundance in the country, you don’t have to travel far to see some amazing birds. In fact, many tourists, who are not avid bird watchers have claimed to stumble upon birds such as the hummingbird while walking around the many parks in the country.

3. There are so many sites to choose from – despite being a very small country, there are still many sites you can go to if you want to go bird watching. Some of the most famous sites are the Santa Rosa National Park, the Corcovado National Park, or the Monteverde Reserve and the rainforests in the Osa Peninsula. If it your first time trekking through such places, make sure you hire a guide to help you navigate. It would be unfortunate if you would get lost in an unfamiliar area. Also, make sure to bring rain gear with you, especially when traveling through the rainforest, it would be unpleasant traveling there without the appropriate gear.

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